Questions and answers

  • What are organic components?
    Organic components are ingredients of plant origin. They can be obtained from plants grown in pure natural environment only. They are highly effective and beneficial and have quality certificates (ECOCERT, BDIH, Cosmebio etc.).
  • I know that it's important to read a composition of a product before buying. Where could I find full composition of your products?
    On a label. You will find full composition made on the basis of INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients), i.e. from the highest percentage in composition to the lowest, on every our product.
  • Why does Hand Cream have no immediate action?
    Our hand creams were created on the basis of the principle of accumulative effect. It means that hand creams significantly improve skin health when used regularly. Unlike the creams with silicones and such harmful substances as mineral oil (petrochemical), clogging up skin cells, plant-based creams  revitalize skin and promote regeneration of natural beauty of your hands.
  • What hyaluronic acid is used in your face care products manufacture?
    We use hyaluronic acid obtained by fermentation from plant material.
  • Why do your products have such a long storage life?
    We use the methods on natural conservation (vitamin E, essential oils) and the synergy principle (our technologists combine milk and fruit acid to gain maximum result and keep a product fresh). This long storage life was gained as a result of the technology improvement.
  • What does "with the application of the latest technologies" mean?
    Modern technologies give the opportunity to make highly effective extracts from different parts of a plant with the use of enviromentally friendly method (without chemical agents).
  • Is it possible to apply Face Serum "Deep Moisturizing" by use of a mesoroller?
    You can apply Face Serum "Deep Moisturizing" by use of a mesoroller if its model is suitable for at-home use (length of the needle is about 0,2-0,5 mm). The devices with the longer needles, used in cosmetic salons, are not suitable for this purpose. In this case, professional beauticians apply low-molecular hyaluronic acid, affecting the deeper skin layers not to moisturize but to regulate cellular metabolism. Beauty products with high-molecular hyaluronic acid are applicable to at-home use and have the effects of moisturizing and turgor improving. The use of Face Serum together with a mesoroller will make the result even better.
  • Please, clear up the mode of application of Silk Hair Oil? Should it be applied to dry hair for a while and then be rinsed off with a shampoo or should it be apllied to clean hair throughout the entire length?
    Apply the oil to dry hair with massaging movements throughout the entire length, leave in at least for 1-2 hours (or overnight) under a towel, then rinse off thoroughly with a shampoo.
  • How to use the baby bath mousse?
    Apply a small amount of the mousse to the baby skin, make lather, then rinse off. For daily use. Suitable for care for the most delicate and sensitive baby skin areas.
  • What detergent base is used in our shampoo manufacture?
    Surfactants (surface active agents that provide the process of cleansing) used in our manufacture are of natural origin only so that shampoos do not contain such harmful subctances as SLS, SLES, parabens ans silicones. We replaced them by natural components simply rinsed off without disturbing the protective films of hair and skin.
  • What component in the hair serum improves hair growth?
    The serums contain highly effective plant-derived complex PROCAPIL which penetrates deeply into hair follicle, restores and stimulates new hair growth. It contains olive and citrus extracts.
  • What kind of salt is used in scrub manufacture?
    Himalayan sea salt of special grinding is used as an exfoliant. This salt is rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium, threreby it activates metabolic processes in cells and significantly improves skin apperarance.
  • Does the deodorant act as an antiperspirant?
    Our deodorants are produced on the basis of potassium alum. This natural mineral has antiseptic and antiinflammatory actions thanks to which it is highly effective as a hygiene product for skin care. Potassium alum absorbs excessive moisture. Due to the bacteriocidal properties it neutralizes the cause of unacceptable odor, reducing secretion of perspiratory ans sebaceous glands.
  • The bath salt is reddish. Do you colour it?
    No, it is natural colour of himalayan salt. This is conditioned by the high content of microelements in its composition (magnesium, cuprum, ferrum).
  • What is the origin of glycerin in the composition of Body Cream-Butter (plant or animal origin)?
    We use only glycerin of the highest quality and of plant origin in the cosmetics manifacture.
  • Are our products suitable for veganists (veganist is a person who does not use any animal products including honey)?
    We use plant components, but some products contain honey. The Eye Serum contains black caviar extract. There are milk proteins in some products. You can find composition of every product on the label or on this site to choose the one that suits you.
  • What are natural cosmetics?
    Natural cosmetics are the cosmetics produced from things of natural origin without use of synthetic antioxidants, colouring agents, aromatizers and petrochemicals.